24 Rivers Archery Club

24 Rivers Archery Club

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The Club was established in March 2013 in response to a need for formal archery structures in the West Coast.  It is the mission of the 24 Rivers Archery Club to formally involve social archers in the Western Cape archery scene.

Those who do archery as recreation and those who love to hunt are also full fledged archers in our mind. Over the past 5 years – with the availability of wonderful facilities put together by Berg River Bowhunting – many families have fallen in love with the monthly 3D shoot in the beautiful Porterville farm setting. Through the foundation of 24 Rivers Archery Club, we hope to nurture an interest among our archers to compete in the more formalized SANIFAA and World Archery disciplines, starting with the Bowhunter round and evolving to Field, Indoor and Target archery.

For further information contact the club [wpml_mailto email=”amalia@hisbiz.co.za”] Secretary[/wpml_mailto].

To pay us a visit, please see our location below:

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