Protea Sports Club

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ERF83395, Main Road
Western Cape
Cape Town
South Africa

Welcome to the Protea Archery Club, one of the oldest archery clubs in South Africa.

We welcome visitors and have special beginner’s classes on Saturday afternoons, from 1 to 3pm. You don’t need any equipment, and can learn this exciting fast-growing sport in a safe environment under qualified, experienced archery instructors and coaches.

Protea also has a special Golden Oldies section for veterans, who meet every Friday morning at 9:30. Paraplegics are also welcome at the club – this is the one sport where wheelchair athletes can compete on equals terms with walkers.

We are equipped to give guidance to schools interested in offering an unusual sport, which not only builds upper body strength, but also teaches concentration and a high degree of self discipline. We can also give you good unbiased guidance on buying the most suitable equipment at the best price for all age groups.

If you are interested in starting archery as a sport, all you need to do is arrive by 12pm on a Saturday afternoon at Protea Sports Club, Main Road, Retreat, we will take care of the rest. Try this exciting sport, you won’t be disappointed.

For more information regarding costs and details, please contact the Archery Convenor,[wpml_mailto email=””] Karen[/wpml_mailto] or Steve, The Manager: 084 554 49 39 or join our Facebook group for news and updates.

To pay us a visit, please see our location above:

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