Golden Micron 90m Maraton

Golden Micron 90m Maraton


Sun, 20th Jun 2021    
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Bellville Archery Club
Hoheizan Crescent, Boston Farm, Bellville Hills, Western Cape, Cape Town

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The Golden Micron 90m Marathon comprises 144 arrows shot from 90m. Awards are for Recurve Smallest Group, Compound Smallest Group, Recurve Most Golds, Compound Most Golds, as well as Best Arrow of the shoot (recurve or compound) and for the first archer to shoot 10 Golds (completing their Micron). In 2006, Dion Viljoen (recurve) and Dave Mead (compound) both shot their 10th Gold on their 115th arrow to share this award for the first time. Recurves shoot on 122cm face whilst compounds shoot on 80cm face.

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