WCAF Colours Requirements

How to qualify for WCAF Colours:

  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements stipulated below and the relevant qualifying scores
  • Enjoy and shoot your heart out, it’s the best way to success
  • Once you’ve obtained your qualifying scores and competed in the relevant Provincial, download, complete and submit your WCAF Colours Application form to the Secretary.


  • Qualifying periods start with the relevant National Championship.
  • Qualifying scores are published below from time to time by the WCAF Executive Committee.
  • WCAF shall maintain a uniform registered colours and emblem for awards to archers who in the opinion of the federation qualifies for the awarding of Provincial Federation Colours.
  • WCAF reserves the right to retract awards to any archer, if the subsequent conduct of such person dishonours the WCAF Colours, or for any other reason the WCAF deems expedient.
  • WCAF Colours are to be approved and signed for by the WCAF President or Vice-President only!

WCAF Colours eligibility is open to archers who:

  1. Are a member in good standing of the WCAF and SANAA at the time scores are recorded.
  2. Have obtained or exceeded the required average score for a category from a minimum of four SANAA sanctioned tournaments.
  3. Competed in the relevant Western Cape Championship of the year in question; NO Championship, NO Colours!
  4. Submitted the required scores in the relevant 12 month period via the pre-scribed process and application form.

If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary.

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