Please note that this table lists all records for the IFAA discipline rounds. Please use the search functionality to find specific information that you are looking for. Should you have any queries regarding records, please direct these to the IFAA Representative.

StyleRoundRecord NameArcherClubTournamentVenueDateScoreX's
AFBU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundJane Dohlhoff Summer ChampsProtea4057530050
AFBU IFAA IndoorDouble RoundJane Dohlhoff Provincial ChampsProtea4115359995
AFFU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundJane Dohlhoff Summer ChampsProtea4130630050
AFFU IFAA IndoorDouble RoundAmalia van NiekerkProvincial ChampsProtea4115359571
AMBU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundPhillip de LangeProvincial ChampsBowtime4230930058
AMBU IFAA IndoorDouble RoundPhillip de LangeProvincial ChampsBowtime42309600107
AMFU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundCraig Hurn Summer ChampsProtea4096930056
AMFU IFAA IndoorDouble RoundCraig Hurn Provincial ChampsProtea41883599105
AMFS(R)IFAA IndoorSingle RoundViviene De KlerkProvincial ChampsProtea4188328523
AMFS(R)IFAA IndoorDouble RoundRobinson NoelProvincial ChampsProtea4188356538
CMFU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundAlexander Flemming Provincial ChampsProtea4005730045
CMFU IFAA IndoorDouble RoundJJ De VilliersProvincial ChampsProtea4005753520
JMBU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundRinus van Rensburg Winter ChampsProtea4039127815
JMBU IFAA IndoorDouble RoundAJ GroenewaldProvincial ChampsProtea4157951520
JMFU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundFernando Rueda jnr Provincial ChampsProtea4157930057
JMFU IFAA IndoorDouble RoundFernando Rueda jnr Provincial ChampsProtea41579600110
VMFUIFAA IndoorSingle RoundGunther KramerProvincial ChampsProtea4078730045
VMFUIFAA IndoorDouble RoundGunther KramerProvincial ChampsProtea4078759886
JMBL IFAA IndoorSingle RoundMathew Blampied Provincial ChampsProtea3862629233
JMBL IFAA IndoorDouble Round
AMBL IFAA IndoorSingle RoundJohny Hunt Summer ChampsProtea3947929118
AMBL IFAA IndoorDouble Round
CFFU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundJaime Goedhals Winter ChampsProtea4063428716
CFFU IFAA IndoorDouble Round
JMFS(R)IFAA IndoorSingle RoundEvan Douman Provincial ChampsProtea3899128319
JMFS(R)IFAA IndoorDouble Round
VMBL IFAA IndoorSingle RoundJohny Hunt Provincial ChampsProtea4005727721
VMBL IFAA IndoorDouble Round
JFBU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundJaime Goedhals Summer ChampsProtea4096926812
JFBU IFAA IndoorDouble Round
VFFU IFAA IndoorSingle RoundEdna Timmer Provincial ChampsProtea3899126111
VFFU IFAA IndoorDouble Round
CMFS(R)IFAA IndoorSingle RoundFrazer Knox Provincial ChampsProtea393262536
CMFS(R)IFAA IndoorDouble Round
AFFS(R)IFAA IndoorSingle RoundChristin BarnardProvincial ChampsProtea4188328222
AFFS(R)IFAA IndoorDouble RoundChristin BarnardProvincial ChampsProtea4188356340
AMBB(R) IFAA IndoorSingle RoundFaure Goedhals Winter ChampsProtea410001954
AMBB(R) IFAA IndoorDouble Round
AMLB IFAA IndoorSingle RoundWessels Croucamp Provincial ChampsProtea389911572
AMLB IFAA IndoorDouble Round
AFLB IFAA IndoorSingle RoundThalia Carinus Provincial ChampsProtea38991261
AFLB IFAA IndoorDouble Round
JFFS(R)IFAA IndoorSingle RoundYolandi vd VyverProvincial ChampsBowtime423092516
JFFS(R)IFAA IndoorDouble Round
JFFUIFAA IndoorSingle RoundJuane Janse v RensburgWinter ChampsProtea426142179
CMBB(C)IFAA IndoorSingle RoundSteven BeaverWinter ChampsProtea421562678
CMBB(C)IFAA IndoorDouble Round
AFBU IFAA OutdoorFieldJane Dohlhoff Provincial ChampsHFAC41153530
AFBU IFAA OutdoorHunterJane Dohlhoff Provincial ChampsSFAC41548528
AFBU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterJane Dohlhoff Provincial ChampsHFAC41153153
AFFU IFAA OutdoorFieldJane Dohlhoff Provincial ChampsSFAC40817525
AFFU IFAA OutdoorHunterAmalia van NiekerkSummer ChampsSFAC41306536
AFFU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterJane Dohlhoff Provincial ChampsSFAC408171046
AMBL IFAA OutdoorFieldJohny Hunt Summer ChampsSFACFeb 2008 508
AMBL IFAA OutdoorHunterJohny Hunt Provincial ChampsSFAC38991488
AMBL IFAA OutdoorField & HunterJohny Hunt Summer ChampsSFACFeb 2008 988
AMBU IFAA OutdoorFieldThys van Niekerk Summer ChampsSFAC41671550
AMBU IFAA OutdoorHunterThys van Niekerk Winter ChampsSFAC41091546
AMBU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterThys van Niekerk Provincial ChampsSFAC415481078
AMFU IFAA OutdoorFieldStefan vd Linde (jnr) Provincial ChampsHFAC40452545
AMFU IFAA OutdoorHunterCraig HurnProvincial ChampsHFAC41153548
AMFU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterCraig HurnProvincial ChampsHFAC411531088
AMTR IFAA OutdoorFieldFaure Goedhals Provincial ChampsHFAC41153416
AMTR IFAA OutdoorHunterDirk v NiekerkProvincial ChampsHFAC41153400
AMTR IFAA OutdoorField & HunterDirk v NiekerkProvincial ChampsHFAC41153791
CFFU IFAA OutdoorFieldJaime Goedhals Provincial ChampsHFAC40452518
CFFU IFAA OutdoorHunterJaime Goedhals Provincial ChampsHFAC40452489
CFFU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterJaime Goedhals Provincial ChampsHFAC404521007
CMFU IFAA OutdoorFieldAlexander Flemming Summer ChampsHFAC40210539
CMFU IFAA OutdoorHunterAlexander Flemming Winter ChampsHFAC40026534
CMFU IFAA OutdoorField & Hunter
JMBU IFAA OutdoorFieldSchalk VisagieSummer ChampsHFAC39479485
JMBU IFAA OutdoorHunterRinus van Rensburg Winter ChampsHFAC40391450
JMBU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterRinus van Rensburg Winter ChampsHFAC40391805
JMFU IFAA OutdoorFieldFernando Rueda Provincial ChampsHFAC41153541
JMFU IFAA OutdoorHunterFernando Rueda Provincial ChampsHFAC41153553
JMFU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterFernando Rueda Provincial ChampsHFAC411531094
VMBU IFAA OutdoorFieldRussell Reuvers Provincial ChampsHFAC40087482
VMBU IFAA OutdoorHunterRussell Reuvers Winter ChampsHFAC40391492
VMBU IFAA OutdoorField & Hunter
VMFU IFAA OutdoorFieldGunther Kramer Provincial ChampsHFAC41153533
VMFU IFAA OutdoorHunterGunther Kramer Provincial ChampsHFAC41153538
VMFU IFAA OutdoorField & HunterGunther Kramer Provincial ChampsHFAC411531071
JFBUIFAA OutdoorFieldWilna PieterseProvincial ChampsSFAC42278201
JFBUIFAA OutdoorHunter
JFBUIFAA OutdoorField & Hunter
AFFS(R)IFAA OutdoorFieldElsje Pieterse Provincial ChampsSFAC42278306
AFFS(R)IFAA OutdoorHunter
AFFS(R)IFAA OutdoorField & Hunter

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