The role of accredited coaches in South Africa is to train, develop and mentor our Instructors who are tasked with taking the novice within two years to the competition line. Coaches are accredited for a period of four years and undergo an evaluation by World Archery with the level of accreditation recognised worldwide. Neither the South African National Archery Association (SANAA) nor Western Cape Archery Federation (WCAF) accredit personal coaches.

In 2011 the South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee defined a national coaching framework covering all aspects of coaching. As of 2014, only coaches who have been issued a license to coach by the SA National Archery Association will be allowed to practice as a coach. Accredited coaches are recognised by the Provincial Sports Confederations and are registered with our National Olympic Committee.

Information courtesy of: South African National Archery Association (SANAA)

Below is an overview of the coaching structure for archery in South Africa as well as a list of accredited instructors and coaches within the Western Cape Province


Accredited Coaches

NameSurnameCoaching LevelClubContact NumberDate Accredited

Accredited Instructors

NameSurnameClubContact NumberDate Accredited

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