Welcome to the home of archery in the Western Cape Province

Archery can be enjoyed by virtually anyone regardless of physical ability and facilities are available for both outdoor and indoor shooting. Archery appeals to participants who might otherwise not get involved in recreational activities and is indeed a sport for all.

Archery has many valuable lessons which transfers into other recreational activities, it:
– instils confidence,
– increases attention span,
– fosters a willingness of participants to try other sports activities.

Starting the sport couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is find a club in your area, give the listed contact a call and arrange a time that you can be introduced to the sport. Most clubs offer beginner classes so check with them for the details. The classes are designed to introduce you to the sport. All equipment will be provided and matched as closely as possible to your build. Clubs will discourage you from buying your own equipment, at least for a few months, due to the nature of the sport, and club equipment is of a high standard to get you started.

Take your first steps, simply contact a club secretary and have fun!

The SA National Archery Association (SANAA) and the Regional Governing Body, the Western Cape Archery Federation (WCAF), conduct regular tournaments and events. Many of these tournaments are registered with World Archery (the International Target Archery Federation) and IFAA (the International Field Archery Association) which allows archers to claim Performance Awards as well as World Records in the various disciplines.

For more information regarding the disciplines, please click on the relevant link below.

Target ArcheryField Archery3Di

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