Electronic scoring (WA)

Electronic scoring (WA)

The use of electronic scoring is permitted under World Archery rules, with conditions.
There must always be double scoring one of which must be paper…
Refer to the WA Rule Book 3 Chapter 14 – Scoring  – subsection 14.4.1

We are already required to use the Ianseo tournament system, for submitting tournament scores to SANAA, which also caters for electronic scoring.

A major benefit of using the electronic scoring system is that each arrow value is recorded and stored which means it would save time capturing scores for submission and publishing.
The paper score sheets would be checked against the electronic scores after each tournament and any discrepancies handled as per the rules…

Electronic scoring will require the use of mobile devices with Internet access. One archer per target, or target group, will need to use their mobile device for this purpose.
The app supports multiple archers per device for scoring and targets can also be grouped to achieve this, for example if target 5 has only one archer and target 6 has two archers then targets 5 and 6 can be grouped and all three archers would be scored electronically on the same mobile device.

Archers will be required to have a mobile device which has Internet access and mobile data.

Please could you install the app, called “Ianseo Scorekeeper NG“, on your mobile device for electronic scoring at tournaments …
The mobile app can be installed on both Android (requires Android 5.1 or later) and IOS (requires IOS 13.0 or later).

NOTE: Older version of Ianseo Scorekeeper no longer to be used

Please take note that we will be using the new version of Ianseo Scorekeeper which is called Ianseo Scorekeeper NG.
We will NOT be using this older version, please ensure you have the new version installed, called “Ianseo Scorekeeper NG” (NG at the end of the name)

Below is a download link for a user guide on this new version…

Data costs as mentioned above are based on rates as at the writing of this page in November 2022

Scores will be available live during the tournament.
Links to the live scores available here.

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