WC Outdoor Leagues

WC Novice & Intermediate Leagues

These leagues will be held at most WCAF clubs on the same day every last Saturday of the month and results will be published on the WCAF website with a FINAL to be held at one club (see the calendar).

Bow divisions will be Barebow, Compound, Recurve and Standard Bow

Novice League format will be based on a 720 format:

36 x Arrows at 30m (80cm target)

36 x Arrows at 20m (80cm target)

Youngsters and newbies that can’t shoot 30m yet will be allowed to do a double 20m, but won’t qualify for awards.

Novice Archers need to move onto Intermediate when the following scores are reached:

Recurve – 620

Compound – 660

Standard Bow – 570

Intermediate League format will also be based on the 720 format:

36 x Arrows at 50m (122cm target)

36 x Arrows at 30m (80cm target)

Intermediate archers who have shot over 550 Recurve/650 Compound tournament 720 round scores in the last 3 years will not be eligible for awards; the same with Standard Bow archers who have reached a score of 500.

The above leagues could be shot at the same time with a fun shoot afterwards, this will be up to the discretion of each club on how they want to present the leagues.

Entry fee is R50.00 per person and scoring arrows start at 09h00 (this could vary from club to club)

Current hosting Clubs: Bellville Archery Club, Habibia Archery Club, Helderberg Target Archery, Hoekwil Archery Club, Italian Indoor Archery Club, Protea Sports Club & Winelands Archery Club

Should you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us?!

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