IFAA 3D Round

3D Round

A Relatively new, and extremely enjoyable, variation of field archery is 3D archery, with the only difference being the type of targets used. Targets in the 3D round are life sized, foam animals with scoring zones marked to simulate the animals vitals.

The targets are grouped into four categories where each category has a different shooting distance and the standard round comprises of shooting at 28 targets. The distances to targets are not given, with each target shot from two different markers or stakes.

There are two markers for each target and each marker has a different distance to the target. The maximum distances for each target group follow the maximum distances set for the IFAA 3D Hunting Round.

The maximum distance for each target group (Number Veterans/Adults Juniors Cubs) are:

  • 1 60 Y 50 Y 30 Y
  • 2 45 Y 45 Y 25 Y
  • 3 35 Y 35 Y 20 Y
  • 4 20 Y 20 Y 10 Y

South Africa also offers a 22 Arrow round which conforms to various rules. 2014 was the test phase for 3D archery during which 22 targets (with a maximum of two archers per stake), rather than 28 will be implemented in an attempt to speed-up the 3D competitions.

The 3D course will consist of:

  • 3 Group 1 paper targets,
  • 3 Group 1 3D targets,
  • 3 Group 2 paper targets,
  • 3 Group 2 3D targets,
  • 3 Group 3 paper targets,
  • 3 Group 3 3D targets,
  • 2 Group 4 paper targets and
  • 2 Group 4 3D targets

Note that the the old “Development” class will be renamed to “Rangefinder” (RF) class.

Source: SANAA

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