WA Indoor Round

Indoor Target Archery

Indoor Target Archery in the Western Province is shot mainly from 18m in both Recurve and Compound divisions, with only the SANAAU13 class shooting the indoor round at 9m.

The 18m round is shot on a 40 cm target, with competitors being able to choose between 40 cm single spot or a vertical triple face target. These targets are the same size but with fewer scoring zones, single spot from 10pts – 1pt and a triple face from 10pts – 6pts. Vertical triple faces are used more and more during the qualification rounds and are obligatory in the final rounds of competitions according to World Archery.

Compound archers will only score 10 points when they reach the X10 ring, while Recurve archers have the full 10 ring to score 10 points. If an arrow reaches outside the 6 ring on a vertical target, it is considered as a miss and the archer will score 0 points for this arrow.

Compound IndoorRecurve IndoorFull-Indoor
Compound Target Face
Recurve Target Face
Full 40cm Indoor Face


Individual Competition
Qualification round
The athletes shoot 60 arrows at the distance of 18m. This round is first to select the top 32 men and top 32 women in each division and the top 16 men’s and women’s team in each division. Each archer will shoot 20 ends each of 3 arrows in 2 minutes per end on a 40cm face.

The top 32 men and top 32 women in each division of the qualification round will proceed to the Elimination Rounds.

Elimination Rounds
The archers (top 32 men and top 32 women) will be placed on a single Elimination Pairing Chart according to their placing in the Qualification Round.

Compound archers will shoot 5 ends of 3 arrows: in total 15 arrows, with the highest total score being declared the winner. They have 2 minutes to do so for each end.
Recurve archers shoot up to 5 ends of 3 arrows in a set system with each end being scored individually. 2 points a set win, 1 each for a tie and 0 for a set loss. The archer who reaches at least 6 points first, is declared the winner.

Finals Rounds
The eight winning archers will go on to the Final Rounds (quarter-finals, semi-finals, bronze and gold matches). In the finals matches archers will shoot alternate arrows. Each archer will have up to 20 seconds to shoot one arrow.

Team Competition

Elimination Round
The top 16 men’s and women’s teams in each bow division will be selected using the combined top 3 scores from the Individual Qualification round. They will shoot a series of simultaneous matches.


Compound teams shoot x4 ends of x2 arrows per archer with the winner being determined by the highest total score. For Recurve, each match consists of up to 4 sets, with each archer shooting 2 arrows with 2 minutes per end in which to shoot all 6 arrows per team. The winner is the first team to reach 5 set points.

Finals Round
The top 8 teams of women and top 8 teams of men remaining from the Elimination Round shoot a series of individual matches (quarter-finals, semi-finals, bronze and gold matches).

The archers may shoot in any sequence but they may only shoot 1 arrow each time they are on the shooting line.

Important things to note:

For one arrow shoot offs, arrows need to the shot into the middle target if shooting on a triple face target.

Practice on the competition field during bye’s will be limited to x3 arrows per end and a maximum of x3 sets for recurve and x5 ends for compound. If more than x3 arrows is shot by an athlete in an end after being warned by a judge, the athlete may be denied further practice on the competition field but any such violation shall not affect the next match.

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