IFAA Indoor Round

Indoor Round

The Indoor IFAA rounds are normally shot at 20 yards on smaller targets. Indoor IFAA events are held in school halls and sports clubs across the province which makes archery a truly year round sport.

The IFAA Indoor Standard Round is shot indoors in diversity of shooting styles, the seemingly endless variations of equipment.

For the Individual qualification round archers shoot 60 arrows at the distance of 20 Yards. Each archer will shoot 5 arrows in 4 minutes on a 5 spot face or a single face.

5 Ring Target Face
Single Spot Target Face

Cubs will shoot at a distance of 10 yards. The archer may choose either the single spot or the five spot target face. Targets shall be replaced after the first Standard unit. Indoor archery is lots of fun, but for safety reasons has a number of rules, such as;

  • All arrows will be scored and recorded before touching or drawing any arrows.
  • An arrow cutting through the line between two rings and touching the area of higher value shall be scored as such.
  • Witnessed bounce outs or arrows passing completely through the target shall be re-shot.
  • Hits on the wrong target will be scored as misses.
  • An arrow dropped by an archer on the shooting line, may be re-shot if it lies within 10 feet of the shooting line.

Source: SANAA

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