WCAF Colours Policy

WCAF Colours Policy


  • Qualifying periods start with the relevant (Indoor or Outdoor) National Championship.
  • WCAF reserves the right to retract awards bestowed upon any archer, if the subsequent conduct of such person dishonours the WCAF Colours, or for any other reason the WCAF deems expedient.
  • WCAF Colours are to be approved and signed for by the WCAF President or Vice-President only!


WCAF Colours eligibility is open to archers who:

  1. Are a member in good standing of WCAF and SANAA at the time scores are recorded.
  2. Have obtained or exceeded a minimum of four required scores for a category, participating in SANAA sanctioned tournaments, within the qualifying period
    • The four scores may include 720 and/or 1440 scores
    • Only one score may be claimed per day
    • Please see the download below for qualifying scores
  3. Competed in the relevant Western Cape Championships of the year in question.


WCPSC Colours eligibility is open to archers who:

  1. Have attained WCAF/WCIFAA colours for the qualifying period.
  2. Represent the Western Cape for the age category and division for which they achieved WCAF/WCIFAA colours prior to the relevant National Championships of that season.

Please note:
In order to purchase the WCPSC Archery uniform, archers need to sign the WCPSC’s code of conduct, as well as WCAF’s dress code. Archers who do not abide by the code of conduct and dress code may forfeit their colours entirely.

If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary.

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