WC DISA Tournaments

DISA Tournaments

The Disa Tournament format is designed to be implemented as a stepping stone between novice and full sanctioned tournaments with the aim to increase participation at a wide range of levels, and making it fun at the same time.

DISA Tournament format (2018 onwards):

  • Is open to all archers who are members of WCAF affiliated clubs
  • Is a stepping-stone to bring novice archers and regular tournament archers togehter
  • The DISA formal will be based on the 720 (2 X 36 arrows) format rather than the 1440, which will allow for a shorter but more fun event
  • Two sets of distances will be on offer (each with its own rewards pins), 70 m & 50m or 50m & 30 m with the 122cm face at the longer distances of each set, and the 80cm face on the shorter distances of each set (50m & 30m) set being the same as the SANAA Recurve Limited)
  • The DISA will incorporate a compulsory TEAM shoot after the 720, and will be shot at 50m on the 122cm target face.  Teams of 3 will be made up according to a best balance principle (basically top scorer with bottom scorer to equate teams as far as possible.  The Team shoot will consist of 4 ends (each team member shooting 2 arrows per end, with team members rotating after each shot to a time of two minutes).  In the case of a draw, a shoot-out of 1 arrow per team members will be shot.

Shooting is less formal and takes place without a time limit, but to the whislte blast.  Archers are also allowed to receive advice on the shooting line which encourages experienced archers to assist inexperienced archers and is a perfect coaching outing within a tournament setting.


Archers are divided into 3 Categories, as follows:

  • Advanced archers:  Archers who have shot over 550 Recurve/650 Compound tournament 720 round scores in the last 3 years
  • Experienced archers:  Archers who have shot in 3 or more World Archery Tournaments
  • DISA archers:  Archers who have not yet shot in 3 World Archery Tournaments

DISA Pin award values for the Shorter Distances (50m & 30m)

50m/30m White Grey Black Purple Blue Mauve Red Orange Yellow
Recurve 486 503 520 535 550 564 577 589 600
Compound 600 611 621 630 638 645 651 656 660

DISA Pin award values for the Longer Distances (70m & 50m)

70m/50m White Black Blue Red Yellow
Recurve 505 532 555 574 590
Compound 600 616 629 640 650

DISA Tournament Winners:

Points are accumulated over all the DISA shoots for the year.  Trophies are awarded to the top archers in each category, over all the shoots.  Personal best distance and DISA scores are kept for each archer.  After an archer has shot three DISA tournaments, PB points are accumulated by surpassing your previous Personal Best scores (e.g.: PM = 280 and 286 is shot then, 6 PB points are earned).

Entry fee for DISA tournament is R60 (pre-payment or payment on the day), pre-registration is still required.

Come and join in the fun!

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