IFAA Field Archery Discipline


The International Field Archery Association, also known as the IFAA, is an international archery association that was founded 1970 when a group of field archers from the USA, Sweden, England, Scotland, Wales and Canada agreed on a set of basic rules by which Field Archery tournaments would be run. IFAA now represents over 50 000 field archers in over 40 member countries from all continents.

Most international IFAA tournaments have 400 or more participants and some of these events have in excess of 800 participants. Amateur and Professional archers, although competing in the same event, shoot in different divisions.

SANAA recognises the IFAA rounds as an important part of archery in South Africa and has incorporated IFAA rounds into its field of offerings. Although the IFAA is mainly for the amateur archer, new rules are in place to accept and to provide competitions for professional archers without infringing the status of our amateur archers. SANAA sanctions its members to participate in international IFAA events based on its rules are regulations pertaining to the discipline.

The IFAA games are either:
a) Marked Field archery events, shot at paper target faces over known distances or
b) Unmarked Bowhunter events, shot on either paper faces or 3D targets over unknown distances, all on a wide variety of terrain or
c) IFAA Indoor Standard Round, shot indoors at 20 yards at smaller targets in a diversity of shooting styles and with accepted variations of equipment.

Please see the links on the RHS this page for additional information regarding this discipline.

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