Electronic scores 2024

Electronic scores for 2024 tournaments

See below for the list of electronic scores and participants lists for tournaments.
Click the relevant “Scores” link to see the scores for that tournament…

Please note that scores shown via these links are not necessarily the final scores.
Final results will be posted on the Tournament Results page.

Previous tournaments – 2024
DateTournamentScores linkParticipants link
2024-05-18Knysna Loerie Quattro – Leg 1ScoresParticipants
2024-05-18Knysna Loerie Quattro – Leg 2ScoresParticipants
2024-05-19Knysna Loerie Quattro – Leg 3ScoresParticipants
2024-05-19Knysna Loerie Quattro – Leg 4ScoresParticipants
2024-04-20Cape Provincial Tournament – Leg 1ScoresParticipants
2024-04-20Cape Provincial Tournament – Leg 2ScoresParticipants
2024-04-21Cape Provincial Tournament – Leg 3ScoresParticipants
2024-04-21Cape Provincial Tournament – Leg 4ScoresParticipants
2024-04-07Disa 2ScoresParticipants
2024-03-03Disa 1ScoresParticipants
2024-02-10WC Target Championships – Leg 1ScoresParticipants
2024-02-10WC Target Championships – Leg 2ScoresParticipants
2024-02-11WC Target Championships – Leg 3ScoresParticipants
2024-02-03SW Cape Champs – Leg 1ScoresParticipants
2024-02-03SW Cape Champs – Leg 2ScoresParticipants
2024-02-04SW Cape Champs – Leg 3ScoresParticipants
2024-02-04SW Cape Champs – Leg 4ScoresParticipants
2024-01-13Bellville Sunrise Tournament (1440)ScoresParticipants
2024-01-14Bellville Sunrise Tournament (720) – Leg 1ScoresParticipants
2024-01-14Bellville Sunrise Tournament (720) – Leg 2ScoresParticipants

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