Event Pre-Registrations


Please read this carefully.

Please pre-register and complete payment before pre-registration closes (see Seventh Arrow tournament reminder for details) in order to qualify for the rates listed.

Should you wish to make payment in cash on the day, please use the coupon option at the bottom of the initial ticket selection page and enter “Cash Payment” (without the quotes) as the coupon code, BEFORE clicking the Register button.

Selecting yes to the “I wish to make payment on the day” option DOES NOT automatically apply the cash payment coupon, you MUST use this coupon BEFORE entering your details on the ticket page.

This system uses PayFast by default to pay for the tournament ticket. PayFast supports ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank for instant EFT but you can still make use of PayFast if you use a different bank.
Information on using PayFast with other banks can be found here.
This method can also be used for the instant EFT supported banks and can actually help speed up the payment process.
Please note that the payment receipt from your bank to PayFast does not constitute payment to WCAF.

Note: Proceeding to the PayFast payment page and clicking the “Cancel” button effectively cancels your ticket entry. Also, proceeding to the PayFast payment page and not completing the payment will result in your ticket being marked as draft or timed out and therefore also not a completed ticket.
If you do not receive and email with a subject starting with “Your Ticket to” (and then normally the tournament name) then your ticket is not confirmed.

Please contact the Secretary () for any queries regarding payments for tournaments.
All pre-registrations are subject to space on the line and verification via email which will be supplied prior to the event’s shooting.

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