PayFast help

For those that would like to make use of the PayFast payment gateway but do not bank with the banks shown on the PayFast payment page (ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank), here is a way to use the facility…

Browse to the PayFast website ( and register yourself an account, there are no monthly fees.
When the next event is available for pre-registration, go through the registration and and payment checkout.
When you are redirected to the PayFast gateway, select the option to login using your PayFast account details.
PayFast suggests using the ABSA account to transfer to when you do not bank with the afore mentioned banks.
You should also be show a reference, in the format of PFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, to use for the transfer, make a note of this reference number as this is your unique reference which, according to PayFast, is directly associated and linked to the email address you registered with.

Setup a payment beneficiary within your online banking profile using the PayFast ABSA banking details and your PFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx reference number. If you change your email address you may get a new PFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx reference and therefore would need to update your beneficiary setup.
Now you can transfer funds into your PayFast wallet a few days before you intend registering for an event and then when you register and use the payment checkout you just login when you are redirected to the PayFast gateway

and the system will automatically use the funds in your PayFast wallet to pay the transaction.

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