Cape of Good Hope Championships 2018 results

Cape of Good Hope Tournament, 2018 (WA) – 1440 + Dbl 720
held at Protea Archery Club
Saturday 11 + Sunday 12 August 2018

It is an absolute pleasure to be writing these notes on how the weekend treated us all down at Protea during this event. How can I refuse a request from a lovely lady? And in any case, it was a great weekend that needs to be celebrated.

Down here, the archer’s worst enemy is not the conditions on the range, but the forecast of what those conditions might be. When will we learn to just cope with what is presented to us at the range we will be competing on? Why start with a “this is going to be bad”? You are partially defeated. So, besides a rather low temp, it was a good day to be shooting arrows on. Combine with that the presence of archery buddies, then you cannot have anything but a good time on the range. Hey, I did not exclude a challenge or two, but whoever said you cannot have fun while dealing with a challenge. And a challenge pales in its impact when you have good people around you.

Day 1 started with some serious chill and references to the forecast gods. As judge I have learnt to never make a big issue of the weather. Give most archers a possible reason to withdraw, and they will. Prepare the range, observe archers and conditions and make the appropriate call based on what happens on the range. And besides two requests for time to be extended, when our friend the wind finally showed up, there were no environmental based issues. (Requests were denied.)

One archer withdrew because of a problematic shoulder, prior to start of scoring arrows. Good move! Rather live to fight another day than aggravate an injury. There will always be a next time Samantha. Thanks for hanging around and taking some pics.

We did start the day on somewhat of a sad note with a tribute end to a missing archer. Last week Alex Folscher passed due to a heart attack. After explanation during practice, all archers went to the line, under timer shot 5 arrows, nocked their 6th arrow but then just stood there for the rest of the 240secs. Silence filled the range. We will shoot together again Alex, rest well friend.

When the wind finally arrived, it presented a bit of a challenge as it was a bit of a cross wind, but most coped quite well with the challenge. This was also an event that candidate judge Karen was given more responsibility in running an event. Anyone can read the rules, but it takes time on the range to learn the craft of judging. During day 2, I almost took all hands off and observed. Things are very different when you have to make all the decisions and you have to have eyes everywhere – and that is what any prospective judge needs to be aware of before dipping their toes into this arena. But please let us know you might be thinking of doing this, we will gladly walk the path with you.

The big fear for day 2 was that the weather was going to be much worse, that day 1 was prep day. Well, again do not believe the forecast. Day 2 was great. A little colder than would have been perfect, but great. The only issues were because of defective alarm clocks and a defective blade on an arrow rest. Blade speedily replaced, but you cannot fix almost late for scoring arrows.

Adrian proudly wore the colours of a sponsor, but dude – it is seriously loud. Great being able to secure the sponsorship. Will be making attendance of events much more possible. We are watching your progress with much interest.

I battle to think of any tournament during which I don’t learn anything to increase my ability to advise archers on or to learn and sharpen my ability to judge fairly, and this event was no exception. I believe that if you walk away from an event and do not leave with a new piece of information, then you need to check your focus. If we don’t learn, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, archery does not grow. Even if you realise why things did not go quite as planned.

Day 2, as did the whole event, flowed along quite nicely. Any challenges were faced and dealt with as was appropriate. Just as the button was pressed to end the day on day 2, there was a few drops of rain that did not last long. Taking down all the bits and bobs gave the powers that be the time to ready themselves for presentations. Medals received, photographs taken and few tired but talkative archers (and judges) made their way home to a warm cuppa (or a cold one).

Protea needs to be thanked for presenting the event and having a few non shooting bodies present to do field crew duties. Made life much easier all round. Thank you very much chaps. The absence of moans testify to the worth of your contribution.

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!


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