March Outdoor Qualifier 2018 Results

SANAA March Outdoor Qualifier (WA), Double 720 , 2018
held at Protea Sports Club, outside archery range
Saturday 10 March 2018

A clash of dates brought about a fairly late change of date for this event. And boy, we could not have picked a better day. In the context of wind in Cape Town, there was no wind. As someone would say: “Who forgot the batteries for the flags!”

The only wrinkle in the day was the sports day happening across the road at the school. They had a sound system that would challenge most rock music concerts. It was however only a matter of amusement and some training in coping with distractions while shooting. We were also asked to keep our breaks as short as was practical as we had to squeezed in before the usual visitors session on a Saturday for this range. Not an unreasonable request.

This one went smoothly. Steven Beavers (CCB) showed the rest of the field how to take advantage of the conditions and (after verification) walked away with the 3 possible double 720 records. Well done young man. Good shooting.

With the numbers being fairly low, things ticked over smoothly and no equipment issues surfaced. Some faces are becoming regular on the line and one was a welcome rare visit to the outdoor range. Do not be a stranger. We have fun on the range (even if the scores suggest otherwise).

With everything running as smoothly as it did, we caused the visitor session to only start 15min late from their usual start time. Thank you Protea Sports Club for accommodating WCAF and hosting this event at short notice. Thank you to the field crew that had the field and butts ready to go with time to spare. Well done. So it was a jovial crew that made their way home.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.


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