November Quattro Qualifier 2018 Results

SANAA Outdoor Qualifier (WA), November 2018, Quattro 720,
held at Bellville Archery Club.
Saturday 24 November & Sunday 25 November 2018

This is always a wonderful time of the year to park arrows in the Western Cape. The year is drawing to a close and preparation is starting for the next year ahead. And hey, we are archers and archers love nothing more than any excuse to shoot.

Unfortunately, the past week also brought with it some sad news. In this case it was the passing of Rudi Woortman from Namibia. A true gentleman and friend, both in archery circles and in general life. In a show of tribute and a mark of respect, we shot our “Missing Archer” end during practice. You go to the line and shoot 5 of your 6 arrows. You then nock the 6th arrow and stand on the line looking at the target but do not shoot that arrow. When the timer runs down, you return your arrow to your quiver and retrieve your arrows. We made a FB post of this and got some appreciative feedback from Rudi’s wife Marja. Rudi will be sorely missed.

The field was smaller than I thought it might be, but everyone quickly got into the swing of things. It was a very hot day with the wind threatening to disrupt things. Fortunately it never got really bad although one of two archers would have preferred the wind to be totally absent.

The benefit of a small field is that matters move along rapidly. Not many issues to deal with and no equipment failures – fantastic. Day 2 was much of the same. We had a few withdrawals with one archer’s car breaking down 100m from his home. The heat was definitely in serious evidence and even my cool new hat could not completely hide the evidence of 2 days in the sun. The hat was a wonderful and most welcome gift. Thank you.

This was a non medal event, but we had generated a commemorative pin that all got one of for participating. We also had some local pins to mimic the WA values for pins, which was snapped up by some. Luther almost had a big fall because of a log that might have been a better place, but it was a mainly happy bunch of toxophilites that made their way home to some refreshments. Now for the Triple Threat.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.


Download the results.

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