WC Feb Outdoor Qualifier 2018 Results

SANAA February Outdoor Qualifier (WA), Double 720 , 2018
held at Paarl Valley Archery Club
Sunday 4 February 2018

A day on the archery range is always better than a day at work. A phrase commonly used in the archery family. However, with the sun very much present, it was a bit more work than we had all hoped – but boy was it fun!

Those that made their way out to this smaller range in the middle of the Paarl Valley winelands, were not disappointed by the setting. It was painfully obvious that the Western Cape is in the middle of severe drought as we made our way onto the range. It was great to have the range all ready for the day’s shooting. Only one archer cut the timing a little fine, and two others withdrew and did not arrive. Next time chaps.

George Kunz did duty as candidate judge and is growing in confidence in his role as judge. Well done. There was not to much to do and there were not any really contentious issues to deal with as judges. One archer had to change a D-loop after the first 720, but that was the worst of it.

What did help was that questions were asked. Asking questions always prevents mistake or misunderstandings. As always, the only stupid question is the question you did not ask. It was also good to see some faces that have not been on the line for awhile. Hope to see you all back on the line often. The more the merrier.

While this is a non medal event, the club made sure that most of the archers did not go away empty handed. Well done Paarl Valley Archery Club for a properly laid out field, the warm welcome and your hospitality. It is easy to motivate the effort to attend when you feel at home on the range as we experienced there.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.


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