Bellville Sunrise 2016

Bellville Sunrise Tournament 2016
9th and 10th January, Bellville Archery Club

The early start is not the most encouraging facet of this tournament, but it is always exciting to get the competition year of to a good start – and that was my hope for this event – a good start. Unfortunately there were one or two people who were watching the weather channel more than they were working on their archery and took to social media to post negative comments of the event environment before stepping onto the field.  Well, we are happy to report that the weekend was a total opposite of the predictions.


As expected day 1 was a little low in numbers as people were still in relax mode and the new year’s resolution to diet had not kicked in yet.  But those that arrived, arrived to a beautiful sunny day that was practically void of wind.

I brought an anemometer to the field so that we could give accurate figures as to what the wind was doing throughout the day.  On day 1 the day started at 21degs and ended at 28.8degs.  Wind got up to 22,8kmh near to the end of the day with the average drifting between 5 and 17.  It was the gusting nature of the wind that made it a bit tricky.

But enough of that.  The scoring arrows got underway smoothly with very little call being made on my services during the day.  One or two arrows found their way behind the butt, one arrow found itself into the wrong face.  Mostly the archers came prepared for the scorching sun.  We kept the breaks short in an effort to beat the wind, which was also the main reason for the 07h00 scoring arrows start. Correctly completing score sheets is a lesson that was expensively learnt this weekend.  Rather here than at a nationals or a world champs.

Day 2 was much busier with the majority of archers opting for the double 720 day than the 1440 day.  The first thing that was obvious was the heat.  It started at 23degs at 07h00 and ended at 33,9degs by the end of the event at 12h04.  The highest wind speed recorded was 17,4kmh, but mainly very still.

The day proved busier than the previous.  More line calls, but no equipment failures or bouncers.  The arrows that landed up behind the butts were due to pilot error.  Of course there was one incident where there were 2 calls during the same end – at opposite sides of the field.  Who says judges don’t get exercise during a  tournament?  But it was a very good day with some healthy club rivalry being part of the day.

We all had to ask John why he had to use 6 different releases, but his efforts were still cooking.

Both days had a smattering of visitors with the loudest being Craig popping around with his Harley noise machine.  Had enough space for Jacky on the back but not their equipment.  Was good seeing you. This is also the first Bellville Sunrise where Malcolm did not shoot, but he was not even in country which might have had something to do with it.

The unique feature of this tournament is that there is one prize.  The most improved, and this year it deservedly went to Kim Pitts (CW).

After a little discussion around some matters that are usual for the start of the year, all went their separate way home to apply some cooling agents after the hot day.  I really enjoyed the jovial mood displayed by most over the weekend.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Alfredo Lobo das Neves



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