DISA 4 of 6 2017

DISA 4 of 6, 2017
Held at Helderberg Target Archery Club
Sunday 18 June 2017

After the postponement of DISA 3, there was eagerness for this event to take place. There was quite a buzz on the line right from the start.

It was a little disappointing that the Helderberg cooking team was not on site, but they made up for that by making sure that there was a little gift for the dads among us. A small “Beer and Biltong” knife, a piece of biltong and a piece of dry wors. Very nice indeed – and that knife was not to shabby at all.

We had a person showing some interest in judging and I was asked to have him run shotgun with me. While it meant that I would not be able to shoot, it was good having Jurg with me and exposing him to some of the intricacies of judging. One other person asked as many questions (sorry, can’t remember the name.) Hope this develops beyond this event alone.

For the most part, the event went off well. No big issues equipment wise. There was some discussion around some rules, particularly about touching the target before all the arrows are scored. The weather was near perfect again. Pity that more archers did not make use of this shooting opportunity.

This event once again shows that archers are taught how to shoot a bow, but are not always given clear instruction as to how to conduct themselves on the line. While this is a more informal event and there is some relaxation of enforcement of rules, the surprise at some of my illustrations of what the implication of their actions – was somewhat worrisome.

Thank you to Helderberg Target Archery Club for providing their venue for another successful event and the Father’s Day gifts. (Did not make it home with me.) It was also good fun watching the fun shoot afterwards. Maybe I should have had my bow with me for that bit.

Till the next time we meet on a line somewhere, golden arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s┬áresults

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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