Edna Trimmer Indoor 2017

Edna Trimmer Indoor Tournament
held at Protea Sports Club, Indoor Archery range
Sunday 23 July 2017

There is always a raised excitement when the Edna rolls around. People talk about this event very early in the year, and this year was no different.

Very quickly it was obvious that we were going to have a busy and full line. This year is was decided to split the 2 sessions (both double detail) into the first doing the compound archers and the second the recurve archers. Then while the first session had their awards handed out, the second session could start their set up and warm up. Saved a bit of time. Down side – that the whole family were not celebrating each other. Flip side is that a significant number leave as they do not wait till after the second session for presentations. Will be good to hear from people what their perception of this arrangement is.

The only real sadness was the strange reality that Martin was not able to be with us due to ill health. Spoke with Bev about her dad and she said that he was most apologetic about not being able to be present. Martin – all archers wish you a speedy recovery and we ask you to take care and not be hasty. We miss you. Next time.

Although the day started in a cold environment, it was not long before we all were warmed up by getting those last items set up. We were well prepared and lots of willing hands ensured that we were good to go well before the designated time. We learnt from the previous year and added a few barriers to ensure that people on the other side of the glass in the passageway did not distract the archers on the line. Also, there was one window that directed the sun straight into the eyes of some archers. Problem solved and except for one complaint, it was well received by the archers.

What was great to see was the number of young archers on the line. What was not so great to see was how under prepared they were to participate in their own scoring, not all but more than should have been. Clubs really need to work on making sure that their archers are prepared for tournament and capable of fully participating. If too young – provide an archers agent. It is not for the organisers to do.

On the whole, the event went extremely well. Line calls as usual, kept us busy. George Kunz shared judge duties with me and acquitted himself very well. A few arrows decided to go somewhere besides the middle, but no major errors. Checking the score sheets was a bit of a challenge. It seems that we had a whole bunch of doctors on the line who brought their medical handwriting with them. Two archers entered scores incorrectly and will have to face the consequence, and that despite being told.

Of course the biggest distraction on the line was the smells coming from the tuck shop area. It was almost cruel and unusual punishment. (Not that any official complaints were received.) It went down very well, especially for those that had to leave the home quickly and did not pack anything to nibble. Already looking forward to next time. Yum.

It is very difficult to say that this one was better than the previous one, each tournament is unique. Archers like one thing more than anything else and that is to park arrows. Even if one or two arrows do not want to be team players, we cannot stay away. Archery continues to be the most healthy addiction available. We learn from what we did right and we learn from what we could do better at.

I could not end this off without making mention of all those from the hosting club who contributed to the success of the day. Members who did not enter, came and lent their assistance. The club was very quickly cleaned up and packed away. Fantastic work Protea Sports Club – is was great.

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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