Edna Trimmer Indoor 2016

Edna Trimmer Indoor Tournament 2016
17th July, Protea Sports Club

It is always a joy to be a part of the Edna Trimmer tournament.  And this year proved no different.  A quick glance at the stats will tell its own story of what turned out to be a long but enjoyable day. Last year 14 categories were represented, this year 18.  Last year there were 36 archers on the line, this year 61 archers in two sessions, both double detail.  Last year 5 clubs were represented and this year 8 clubs made a showing.  That meant that outside of the practice arrows, 3660 arrows made their way down range.  Pretty cool I think.

The venue was jammed with spectators and archers, and outside of one incident, everyone was mindful of equipment and where they were walking.  The practice arrows got everyone into the rhythm quite nicely for the scoring arrows.  It was good to see club shirts strongly present.  Just wish everyone paid attention to the dress code.

A significant string slap only deterred a young archer for a couple of minutes Martin Trimmer 2016before he retook his place on the line.  Unfortunately it seems that coaches teach archers how to shoot but not much on tournament conduct, so I was kept quite busy.  Also clubs should be telling their people how to determine in which category they compete.  Made life interesting at the start, but everyone had a spot.  Fortunately a few archers form the other session made themslves available to assist where needed.

The club provided a range of eats for sale, both during the first session and for those that wanted to stay till the end of the second session for the presentations.  It was well supported.  Thank you to Elize and her team for making sure that no one had an excuse for going hungry.  Two 11 liter pots of soup did not last very long.

Although busy throughout, there were not any really serious issues to deal with.  It was more when you checked the score sheets that attention to detail and procedure was sometimes lacking.  With so many people present, there was a lot of chatting and catching up.  Also Wanda brought her camera along and managed to capture a stunning collection of pics which she graciously shared on FB.  If she was not competing, there would have been more – I am sure.  Thanks Wanda. To see all the pics, please Click here.

It was a very long day for all, I left home at 06H30 and got back at 18H00.  So I was not surprised that some archers did not wait until the conclusion of the event and went home early.  Still there was a tremendous buzz at the prize giving with only the awarding of the club trophy standing over to be awarded at a later date.

Thank you to the Trimmer family for allowing the province to attach Edna’s name to the tournament.  Thank you Martin for the trophies and medals.  Thank you Bev for doing the awarding of the medals and thank you Randall for your admin assistance. A big thank you to all who jumped in and packed all the bits and pieces away.

Congratulations to all the winners and to those archers breaking records;

Inge Smit (RCG) (Indoor) Game – 450 (Indoor) Unit – 233
Estelle Jacobs (CMW) (Indoor) Game – 563 (Indoor) Unit – 287
Wilna Pieterse (CJW) (Indoor) Unit – 242
Terence van Moerkerken (RM) (Indoor) Unit – 289
Phillip De Lange (CMM) (Indoor) Unit – 295

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

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