South West Cape & Provincial Trials 2015

South West Cape & Provincial Trials Tournament 2015
28th February – 1st March

I do not pay to much attention to what the weather prophets say about the days that tournaments take place on.  However quite a few others were watching the predictions and did not enter for this tournament.  This time they were proven correct. Right at the start I anticipated time allowances to be requested.  It was not long before the first request came, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

The archers that made the trip to participate should all be congratulated on sticking it out and getting in arrows under extreme conditions.  Only one archer withdrew (with good reason) while the rest decided to show that irrespective of the wind, that they could still shoot. It was a rather rude welcome for one archer who had moved to the Western Cape to study at Maties.  Not a word or grumble passed his lips till completion of the day when he said with a smile: “Dit was darem erg.”  Thanks Ruan for sticking it out and hopefully the next one will be much more enjoyable.

On day 2 it was very clear at the field that conditions were going to be even more trying than on day 1.  And the rest of the day proved just that fear.  So it was with great reluctance that we packed up and left before any arrows were sent down range.  Another example why we may have more tournaments than some, but then extreme weather is part of the Western Cape reality.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.


Download a copy of this weekend’s results



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