SANAA March Quattro Qualifier 2015

SANAA March Quattro Qualifier 2015
14th and 15th March 2015

In the last while, the weather has played havoc with being able to have good fun and to shoot a good score.  This weekend was the total opposite to the last tournament.  It was excellent shooting conditions.  The only negative was that coincided with a field shoot (can only be in one place at any one time). The archers that decided to participate in this target event, were extremely serious of making the most of the conditions on offer.  So while the numbers were low, the event success was high.

Day 1 proved to be almost completely wind absent with the sun putting in a strong presence and checking whether you brought your sunblock.  We were fortunate enough to have an out of province visitor.  Hope you enjoyed the weekend with us Vladimir.  It was good sharing the line with you.

When you have talented and experienced archers around you, there is not much to talk about as events just roll along.  Focus was high and besides a niggling  injury or two, there were no hiccups of note.

Day 2 differed from the first only as to the weather at the start of the day in as much as we had cloud cover for most of the day.  The wind decided to disperse the clouds, but did not affect the shooting to much.  No requests for time extensions were made although one arrow was not shot because the timer ran out.

One archer achieved their last score needed for colours before nationals.  Well done!  Others were able to increase their average scores while others grew their archery in general.  I have high hopes for the quality of archery at Nationals.

What was most encouraging was that a few provincial records were achieved.  Makes standing in the blazing sun all the more worth it.  Makes fighting for more shooting opportunities all the more worth it

No equipment failure, a dog running on the field and a few guinea fowl were the only out of normal events at this tournaments.  What was a welcome occurrence was the good will among the competitors and the general consensus that others archers missed out on a good shooting experience.  We are looking forward to target Nationals and the Western Cape putting their stamp on proceedings.  See you all there!

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.


Download a copy of this weekend’s results

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