WC Indoor Target Championships 2015

WC Indoor Target Championships 2015
27th September, Protea Sports Club

Nationals are a coming.  This was the clear message on the wind in Cape Town.  But because this was to be an indoor, wind could not be used as an excuse to stay away from this event.  Would be interesting to know exactly what your excuse was to stay away?  Two archers from out of province made the trip and we were happy to have them with us.

The turn of the season caused a few of the team to be confined to quarters which put a greater responsibility on the remaining to get things done.  Here I need to make special mention of Chris who assisted and of George who came to the range to assist while Nathan was sitting with his nose in the books.  And by the way Elize, a few people asked after the soup. We had one very late entry that we were able to accommodate.  A few very late withdrawals also caused a few holes on the line but the buzz was loud and clear that this was going to be a good day.  Of a little concern was that a few newbies had entered with little or no preparation by their club.  Not really the time for training in tournament conduct. but we managed.

The practice / warm-up time proved to be the best training for the day ahead.  By the time scoring arrows rolled around, we were good to go.  Except for a nock not co-operating, we had no equipment failures or malfunctions.  All mistakes turned out to be pilot errors.

The issue around dress code reared its head again.  This province has a dress code which was communicated to all on registration.  A number of people decided to ignore this.  I now ask a question: “Why is it that the people / person who wants to enforce a rule / code is the unreasonable party and never the persons breaking the rule?”  Wonder what answers I might get if it would be a published question?

This tournament turned out to be one high in line calls.  There was one particularly interesting one on the U13 Butt which was used as a teaching moment.

Eliminations went off quite smoothly with one or two initial hiccups.  And for a first for me, I could not tell apart a single arrow and had to go to a second one arrow to break the tie.  It was a frightening reality to hear that a large portion of the line either did not know or got it wrong as to which of the three spots to shoot at in the case of a one arrow shoot-off. Centre of the centre is the answer.

Most of the archers were thankful of the eliminations practice with the coming Indoor Nationals while some found the 20 seconds a bit of a challenge.  One person almost ran out of time because of a nock failure.  A big regret that I had was that there was no photographs passed on to publish as well as the absence of medals that were not ready on time to be handed out at the event.  Winners were congratulated and will receive their awards in due course.

Championship Winners
Compound  Cub Boys (CCB)     Compound Master Women (CMW)
1st Scott Jacobs 1st Estelle Jacobs
Compound Men (CM)     Recurve Boys U13 (RB U13)
1st Vaughn Deyzel 1st Reuben Van Wyk
2nd Albert Sorgdrager 2nd Neil Bothma
3rd Luther De Koker 3rd Daniel Wykerd
Compound Master Men (CMM)     Recurve Cub Girls (RCG)
1st Phillip De Lange 1st Inge Smit
2nd John Stevens
3rd Martin Trimmer Recurve Master Men (RMM)
1st Klaus Schnack
Recurve Cadet Women (RCW)
1st Yolandi Van Der Vyver Recurve Women (RW)
1st Marie-Louise Vermeulen
Recurve Men (RM) 2nd Erin Barkway
1st Terence Van Moerkerken 3rd Nadine Siemons
2nd Chris Lobo das Neves
3rd Benjamin Van Wyk

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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