October Outdoor Quattro Qualifier 2015

October Outdoor Quattro Qualifier 2015
3rd and 4th October, Wild Clover Archery Club

With new qualification requirements and cut-off dates and travel to alternative events in a window that is prohibitively expensive, we knew from the start that it was going to be a small field for this tournament. However, this presented WCAF with the opportunity to test a club at the next level of hosting a tournament with Wild Clover Archery Club most eager to host the event.  

The only real issue was the radio controlled flying club in the adjacent field.  It is much to much of a distraction.  We enquired through the archery section if they might be open to not flying while we were shooting.  Fortunately it did not clash with any event and they agreed to not fly while we shot.  Thanks very much chaps.

Two archers asked to be accommodated on the line if the space allowed for it although their category was not offered as a possibility.  They shot at an already provided for distance, we had more than enough space, so we agreed.  It was great having them.

We have been having some extremely nice weather days at this venue in the past, but mother nature had another idea.  It was overcast and windy (not the worst we have to shoot in), but not to unpleasant as some opportunities have been.  Day 1 we had 10 archers that took to the line.

Day 2 had 11 archers on the line with the challenge at the start of the day being able to see the targets at 70m.  Fortunately it cleared quickly and arrows made their way down to the targets without delay when scoring arrow time rolled around.  In a quattro you can’t start at the short distance to have better visibility, you are at the “short” distance.  Anyway, this never was an issue. The wind was very different on day 2 and it played havoc with most archer’s form and ability to execute a consistent shot.  But on both days there was not one request for time extension.

Because there was a notice up at the gate to the venue about the shoot and asking the RC guys to not fly, a few people came over to watch us for a little bit before going back to the restaurant.  Because this is a working farm in Stellenbosch, we have had some geese parading around.  Three horses, of which one was a foal, came very close to us and showed some interest in the vehicles and the spare clip boards.  Fortunately they did not try and cross the range while we were shooting.  The cry of a fish eagle was heard once or twice.  The beauty of the surroundings made the whole event a very pleasant experience, (even if some scores might suggest otherwise), that showed itself in the spirit among the archers on the field.

Formalities on day 2 were quickly concluded.  The next evening’s indoor qualifier was mentioned again and a bit of arm twisting resulted in an archer committing to that event as well.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Alfredo Lobo das N



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