October Indoor Target Qualifier 2015

October Indoor Target Qualifier 2015
5th October, Protea Sports Club

The field was small, as would be expected for an evening event, but the spirit was huge.  We had so much fun it was almost illegal.  Music was played in the background for the duration of the shoot and most commented on how nice it was.  It is common practice at this club to play music all night long while shooting on our practice nights.

It was a busy weekend, to say the least.  An outdoor quattro, followed by an indoor makes for very little time for other things.  Until those other things are more important.  Fortunately the event was in the evening, so taking people to the doctor did not impact as much as if the event was during the day. One of the archers from the quattro made it through and for someone who has never shot a WA indoor or target, he did not do to badly at all.  Thanks for being a part of the event Len.

With a small field and a single detail, opportunities to learn and teach presented itself and was appreciated by all.  What constitutes an unshot arrow?  Drawing a bow only on the line.  Can you pick up a arrow that falls in the unshot zone?  Etc., etc.  Also, we need to really address how people move off the line while archers around them are in full draw.

The evening went off well without incident.  We had a few spectators that came to support the competitors.  A few awards from other events were handed out to archers that were present.  The packing up went smoothly and quickly and it was not to much after 21h00 before we started to make our way home.

Download a copy of this tournament’s results

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Alfredo Lobo das Neves


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