Western Cape IFAA Summer Field Championships 2016

Western Cape IFAA Summer Field Championships 2016
13th March, Stellenbosch Bowhunters and Field Club

The last Field event of the 2015/16 cycle was held on the 13 March at the Stellenbosch Field Range. After the past two months of extreme heat and wind, the participants expected the horrendous conditions would continue and distracts from this event. Fortunately, the day was much cooler and although the light breeze was welcome, it did get a bit stronger later in the day, making the very long shots more difficult.

summer-field-champs-2016The regular faces (or most of them) where present and it was clear the Male Bowhunter and Freestyle classes would be hotly contested.  In the Bowhunter group, Phillip, who has been posting increasingly good scores at all the events was keen to test his form against Thys who has been the top archer in this class for the past years. Similarly, Craig, who has been scuba diving more than shooting, was anxious to see if he still held the leader board in Freestyle competitions.

Phillip was victorious in the BU group ending two points ahead of Thys and the FU mens style had Craig winning by three points. In the Ladies classes, Jane and Jackie posted 520 and 500 respectively, showing they were still in good form.

Being the last event in the colours cycle, all that remained was to double check the number of qualifiers achieved by the archers and the results was the award of   Western Cape Archery Federation Provincial Colours to :

  • Andrew Harris ,
  • Craig Hurn ,
  • Frans  Basson,
  • Gunter Kramer,
  • Jackie Hurn,
  • Jane Dohlhoff,
  • Phillip De Lange,
  • Theo Ferreira and
  • Thys Van Niekerk.

We are very proud to have these achievers in our midst !

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

JP de Villiers

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