Cape Provincial Tournament 2016

Cape Provincial Tournament 2016
19th March and 20th March 2016, Protea Sports Club

So what happens when you have a tournament, the judge gets sick the day before and the only other local judge is out of town?  You cancel and get the tournament rescheduled via the correct channels.  And that was just the case here. It was a little sad that there was more groaning about the replacement date than any enquiry as to the judge’s health.  When you have 2 weekends before nationals to choose from, and the confirmation of rescheduling comes on the Thursday night, you are left with only one choice.  So while I was somewhat disappointed about the numbers, the field got a properly run event.  And yes, I’m fine now.

As normal, I feared that we might meet the full force of the Cape weather, but fortunately that did not happen.  We pretty much had pristine shooting conditions.  Combined with the low numbers, it meant that proceedings rolled on very smoothly indeed. That is with the exception of one archer who left his sight at home and sped off to fetch it.  Fortunately he was able to make up the missed ends of scoring arrows in the time allowed.  He was awarded the coveted “Oh s***” award at the conclusion of the tournament.  Besides this incident, no other equipment issues arose during the tournament.

It was also unfortunate that people’s holiday plans and the SA Nationals (IFAA) had a negative affect on the numbers that attended this rescheduled tournament.  We are however very happy about the gold that came back home to the Western Cape and congratulate all our archers that represented the province with honour.

Day 2 went as well as day 1.  The only wrinkle being that 2 archers suffered the consequence of not making sure that their score sheets were all correctly signed. The wind made it’s presence known during the second last end when speeds of 13 to 29km/h were measured.  One archer also learnt that a little bit more stamina needs to be built to be able to cope with 2 days of shooting and maintain consistent shooting form.  And so another lesson is learnt.

What was new to the tournament was the awarding of 2 new Robin Spot trophies.  The end was not announced prior to start of shooting, so no-one was trying harder to get the award and thus affecting their concentration.  Well done Henk Brummer (RM) and Niekie Kock (CMM) with being the first recipients.  Thank you Martin Trimmer for donating these beautiful trophies.

End of tournament formalities went off quickly and all went there separate ways home to enjoy some well deserved refreshments to restore body and soul.  The next event is the 720 quattro next weekend, it’s going to be good.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

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