Western Cape Target Championships 2017

Western Cape Target Championships (WA) 2017 – 1440 / 720 + Eliminations
held at Protea Sports Club, outside archery range
Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 May 2017

Two days of pristine shooting conditions presented itself at Protea for this event.  Unfortunately not many archers availed themselves of this opportunity.  A common situation unfortunately.  Some archers took a break and others had family commitments.

The Protea field crew, arranged by Karen, ensured that the judges had very little to do in the way of set-up.  Field crew also were on hand to fetch and carry what might be needed to ensure the event went smoothly.  This was greatly appreciated.  Thank you Protea Sports Club field crew!

The 1440 day went smoothly and almost without incident, which is a mixed blessing.  It’s great when you don’t have to work too hard but not so great for building experience for a candidate judge.  Having said that, it was good to see George settling in nicely into his role as a candidate judge.

The absence of wind ensured that Malcolm did not ask for a time extension once and that we probably ended somewhat earlier than we normally would as we rarely dipped into the last 30secs of an end.  Werner in particular continues to show steady growth as he knuckles down now that he has been invited onto the Candidate Squad.

It was nice to see spectators pitching up and watching the goings on, on both days.  Particularly on the Saturday (which is the club’s traditional visitor’s day) there was lots of interest.  Karen was on hand to speak to these potential archers and give them information that might just ensure that they return when the visitor’s sessions are once again available.

Sunday was however the better support day.  I love spectators, but I love spectators who bring fresh doughnuts even more.  Belinda from Helderberg Target Archery Club, came to support Rhys and other club members and brought her bright personality and smile (and then got doughnuts).  I did my best to ensure that Rhys did not have to eat too many left-over doughnuts and result in as an unique physique as mine.

Although the low numbers did not make for a lot of matches in the eliminations phase, we shot them as they should have been and then made up a fun match for two archers who had no match.  Mark Walton was pitted against Malcolm Todd.  Mark asked to be able to go back to 70m but retain the same face he had been shooting on as a CM at 50m.  Malcolm elected to stay at 60m that he shot his 720 on as RMM.  They shot set system and Mark took the match after the fifth end.

Again day 2 went smoothly.  Even Inge’s equipment failure was quickly dealt with.  The archery family arranged a solution so that Inge could participate in the day and not lose out on this scoring opportunity.  Thanks Henk for so quickly offering some of your spare equipment.  While the results were collated, the field equipment was put back into storage.  Many hands made light work.  Thanks chaps.  Presentations at the end had a hiccup or two but was quickly sorted.  It was with much joking that everyone left to make their way home.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.


Download a copy of this weekend’s results

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