Cape Provincial Tournament 2017

Cape Provincial Tournament, 2017 (WA) – 1440 + Dbl 720
held at Bellville Archery Club
Saturday 25 March + Sunday 26 March 2017

Most of the reports from the Cape start with some reference to the weather and how we battled the wind or rain.  This report will differ in one respect only – the weather was perfect – for both days.  And that, boys and girls, does not happen at all often.

As usual everyone was glued to the favourite weather app and decided on their attendance based on what the app prophesied.  Most of those prophecies were proved to be wrong and they lost out on a brilliant shooting opportunity.  But for those who took the effort to compete, they scored.  The only negative was the low numbers.

Everything flowed really smoothly and rapidly almost without any hiccups.  Karen assisted as candidate judge and unfortunately there was not much for her to do as per learning opportunities.  Not always as quiet as that.  The few events were grabbed and put into the judging kit for the future.  There is always something to learn from every event, both for archers and officials.

Day 2 dawned and held the promise of a repeat of day 1.  Could have been a little cooler, but another great shooting day presented itself.  More bodies on the line at the start and they made full use of the opportunity presented.  We had one new comer who had decided to relocate to Cape Town and we hope that Elna becomes a regular feature on the competition line.

Again day 2 was the same as day 1 in that it flowed very well and quickly.  Although I was alone, there was not to much to do.  The day and the event was concluded by the usual awards being presented for those who had competed across both days.  A few archers had achieved personal goals that will no doubt serve as motivation to knuckle down, practice hard and cleverly, to reap the award of progression in their future.  And we all know that if the individual excels, the sport of archery wins.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves


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