WC March Quattro Outdoor Qualifier 2017

WC March Quattro Outdoor Qualifier 2017
18th and 19th March, Wild Clover Archery Club

The Cape has been going through a sustained drought for some time, but fortunately, the competitors brought enough liquids along to make sure that they did not succumb to the extreme heat that was on the cards for this weekend.

For the most part the day went smoothly with the biggest negative influence being the adjoining radio control club that could have been more mindful of boundaries, so I went and reminded them.  One or two archers said that it was in fact good training to ignore distractions while on the line.  The range is on a working farm geared to tourists so there was plenty of that kind of training.

Day 2 dawned and gone was the wind (for most of the day) and out came the sun to bake the earth (and the archers) even further.  The temp on range topped out at 39.9 C.  In the last stages of the day the wind started to re-establish it’s presence.  What was a factor into making this a long day, was that we had to go to double detail to accommodate entries for day 2.  So I ended up getting home at 16H26.

The figures will speak for themselves, and all that leaves for me to say is thanks to Wild Clover for hosting the event.  The learning curve continues.  It also continues for George, who assisted on day 1 with judging and Karen on day 2 with judging.  Thanks to the archers who participated and made the weekend special.  You are the reason all of this happens.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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