August Indoor Target Qualifier 2016

August SANAA Indoor Qualifier 2016
28th August, Bowtime Archery Club

After a rather challenging week for me, I was not sure how I was going to enjoy this tournament.  But once again Bowtime made sure that everything they could control was in order.  So the only delays were brought on by the archers themselves as they spent time catching up with fellow archers. This was a double session event, with the first session being a double detail as well.  One archer did not show up or let us know where he was, but a busy tournament was on the cards.

Bowtime SANAA August Indoor Qualifier 2016

Once again there were a number of younger faces on the line, which is always a good thing indeed.  Holds promise for the future.  As always the Bowtime looked sharp in their club kit, with Chris getting some gentle ribbing for being the only Protea representative there in his club kit. The club custom of ringing the bell when you scored 30 in an end, went down well.  I joked that the club might just charge them for a new bell if they wore it out.  It sounds very good when that bell goes and all present celebrates with the archer with a small cheer and handclap.  (More clubs could adopt this as a good encouragement.)

On the whole, the tournament went off very well, with the only major challenge being the completion of score sheets.  It seems that not to many archers are being taught how to complete a score sheet correctly and neatly.  A big issue is the assumption that the organisers must provide scorers for the younger ones.  This incorrect assumption causes delays, messy score sheets and headaches for those that need to ensure that the results are accurate.

As usual the on site refreshments were well made use of and there was general upbeat buzz in a facility where the business is obviously geared towards archery and the promotion thereof.

Although the qualifiers have never been a medal event, Bowtime decided that any event at their club will see medals as part of the event.  So with some fanfare and applause, medals were handed to the various winners in the respective categories, although some from the 1st session left for home before that point.  Chris tried out his new bow for the first time at this event and was not to disappointed with the score after minimal time with the bow after receiving it.

After mentioning the next event in the province, a few questions were answered from a few parents, and while I was doing that, most of the packing up just simply happened – thanks chaps.  So it was a bunch of tired happy people that went home.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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