August SANAA Indoor Qualifier 2015

August SANAA Indoor Qualifier 2015
30th August, Protea Sports Club

These events see varied attendance figures.  This one was no exception.  Those who did make it to the line had one thing in mind and that was to enjoy themselves.  It was a full line for a single detail, so movement to and from the line was smooth. What the more condensed number did offer was the opportunity to do more than usual instruction in what the rules may have to say in various situations.  From the score sheets it was also obvious that some paid closer attention than others to what was being said.

The event went off without incident with the most work went to line calls.

What was really great was that a number of persons jumped in and assisted in packing away all the bits and pieces.  It was much appreciated, especially since the usual faithful few were not on site this time round.

Although this was a SANAA sanctioned event for score and no tournament awards to be handed out, we did use the opportunity to hand out accolades from other events that had not found their way into the hands of the rightful recipients.  It was a happy crowd that made their way home.

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

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