Cape of Good Hope Tournament 2015

Cape of Good Hope Tournament 2015
15th and 16th August, Bellville Archery Club

This was a good tournament to draw a direct comparison to the recent event held in Copenhagen.  If more archers participated in conditions like this, they would have been better equipped to deal with the conditions found at Copenhagen.  In Cape Town, this is the norm.  But then again, the numbers showed who the fair weather archers are and who are the archers who participate even if records might not be on the cards.  Chasing records detracts from the essential goal of shooting as well as possible under any condition.

Not much more can be said than it was rubbish weather that was extreme in the challenges it presented to the faithful that stepped onto the line on Saturday morning.  It was cold in the extreme, it drizzled sporadically, it was windy with occasional bad gusts.  But then you can not pick and choose when you host a WA sanctioned event, and in Cape Town we deal with what is presented to us on the day.

It was a matter of surviving the day by executing the shot as well as possible.  It certainly tests the technique of the archer. Day 2 was not much better at all.  The province secured SANAA sanction for an additional 720 to offer another bite at a qualifying score.  The faithful few grabbed it while the fair weather contingent abstained from participation.

There was some unusual activity in the air over the range on the Sunday.  Depending on the wind, the flight path for Cape Town International passes over the range.  We found out that a medical mercy flight from Namibia to Cape Town crashed not to far from the range.  Unfortunately, there were no survivors.

While we were cold in the extreme, the event was completed in fair spirit.  The awards part of the event went quickly for obvious reasons.  People went in search of warmth at home after saying their good byes.

However impractical it might be, this event was an excellent example for the case to award additional points for constant challenging weather in the absence of alternative events to shoot qualifying scores at.  If one can adjust scores to “even things out” in team events, why not for weather?  (And I know it will never happen).

Thank you to those who made the effort to make use of this shooting opportunity under atrocious conditions.  Maybe the next time it will be better.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

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