Edna Trimmer Indoor Tournament 2015

Edna Trimmer Indoor Tournament 2015
19th July, Protea Sports Club

This is always a highlight on the Western Cape tournament calendar and well attended.  Often times multiple sessions have to be hosted to cater for the interest shown.  Due to various factors, we only hosted a single, double detail session – but that line was full. 7 Clubs had strong representation at this event.  What is very encouraging to see is the clubs establishing a strong identity and team spirit with uniform.  The Italian Indoor Archery Club was there in force to represent and to support this honouring of Edna.

Edna Trimmer Group Photo

It remains a personal honour that the Trimmer family agreed to have the province rename one of their tournaments to honour Edna.  So while all the WA rules had to be held to, there was a definite spirit of celebration present on the range.  Martin contributed so much in the trophies and medals he provided.  It just adds another layer to this wonderful event.

What was very obvious at this year’s event was the number of U13 archers.  We like to include them in the middle of the line as it really makes them a part of the event.  A number of non-participating parents made the trip, so there was no shortage of support right the way through.

The winter temperature could not dampen the warmness inside the hall.  What was also warming was the soup, rolls, tea and coffee on sale by the host club through the effort of Elize and George Kunz.  A second pot had to be made after the 1st was sold out during the interval.  That and the chocs on sale went down very nicely thank you.

The shoot itself went off quite smoothly.  A few line calls were to be expected.  No equipment failures reared it’s head.  Here and there an archer complained that their brain got stuck in neutral on a shot, but nothing nasty.  The only concern I had was that not all had a good knowledge of how to complete their score sheets (and that was not only the juniors).  There is also a little work to be done on being considerate to the others that share the line with you.

This year had an additional twist in that Martin approached the province to ask whether it might be appropriate to award a team trophy to go to the club with the strongest showing on the day.  The top 4 scores from each club would count towards the trophy, with a small factor being calculated for recurve archers.  It was a closer result than some may have anticipated, but the Italian Indoor Archery Club came away with the honours.  It was only fitting that both Martin and Bev made up part of that team.  Well done – and thank you Martin.  You remain an archery gentleman.

The presentations at the end of the event went a bit longer than sometimes as we needed to be absolutely sure that we got it right.  A few photographs were taken to document the event.  What is also eagerly awaited is the short clip to be made from the footage shot during the Edna Trimmer.  Hurry up Rei, we are eager to see the result of your hard work.  Thank you for giving of your time to record the event in this way.

A was a very jovial crowd that made their way home.  A few stayed and made sure that the packing up did not remain the responsibility of a few souls.  One archer decided that he did not need his bow anymore after this shoot and left it on the line.  We trust that Steve rewards the returner of his bow.  It was indeed a happy crowd that made their way home.

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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