June SANAA Outdoor Qualifier 2015

June SANAA Outdoor Qualifier 2015
28th June, Bellville Archery Club

With a slight hiccup in the date for this event dealt with, the indications were good for some quality shooting to be part of on this day, right in the middle of the Cape winter.  And it was a mixed bag in both departments. The weather was like an Eskimo baby, cold, wet and windy.  Some of that gusty wind played havoc with one or two arrows.  The extreme cold made the exercise somewhat difficult to cope with, but much fun was had by all.  One or two discovered that they had to work on a few things.

JUNE Outdoor Qualifier

As and event, not much out of the ordinary occurred.  Everyone’s equipment behaved while not everyone’s memory did.  7 arrows were shot twice.  There were few line calls.  Breaks were kept short as possible to not cool down more that absolutely needed. There was a request for some time extension as the day wore on as the gusting wind was most unpredictable.  One archer had to withdraw because his employer suddenly changed their mind about the time off during the weekend.

So before long, the event was done.  Score sheets were quickly handed in and the participants headed home for some warmth.  All in all, it was a good showing with some fair scores shot in less than ideal conditions.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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