July Outdoor Qualifier (SANAA), Double 720

SANAA July Outdoor Qualifier (WA), Double 720 , 2017
held at Helderberg Target Archery Club
Sunday 20 August 2017 (Rescheduled July event)

Sometimes you just have to submit to the weather and do things another day, this was one of those alternate date events. And what a beautiful day was presented at Helderberg for this double 720. 720 No. 2 was a bit more wind affected and it showed in the scores.

There were 2 items that were sad. The first matter was that this would be the last time that a sanctioned event would be possible on this range. The grounds are going to be excavated to be leveled and build sports facilities for Somerset College, where the range is hosted. We trust that this is a temporary situation and we will soon be able to enjoy the incredible views from the range location.

The 2nd matter was most sad indeed, and it was the recent passing of a previous SANAA president, Dave Pastoll. I felt quite strongly that we should do something to show our respect as archers to his passing. What we did was to borrow from an air force practice where a fly-pass is done over the funeral in formation. Then a member of that formation peels away and the “missing man formation” continues over the funeral. It translated into archery in the following way. All the archers went to the line under timer protocol, shot 5 arrows at their target, they then took their 6th arrow, nocked it and stood facing the target, not shooting that 6th arrow and allowed the 240 seconds to run out. Then you returned that arrow to your quiver and proceeded normally. By the time the 4th arrow was shot, it starting to go extremely quiet. Not a word was spoken until the timer ran out, when I said “thank you everyone”. I over heard one archer say “Dit was nou ‘n nice ding om te doen.”. We then proceeded with practice in the normal way. We will be repeating it at our next indoor as well.

The event was one of the slower days for me as judge, with 1 or 2 line calls and no issues to deal with. There was a great spirit on the line that made the trying conditions of 720 No. 2 easier to cope with. What also helped was the few visitors that made a showing.

It was a satisfied and tired bunch of people who made their way home. Benjamin to go and sort out what his hatchback boot lid did to his head and others to get a little rest and also prepare for the next time they are confronted by a target and an opportunity to shoot at it.

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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