SANAA, August Indoor Qualifier (WA), 2017

SANAA, August Indoor Qualifier (WA), 2017
held at Bowtime Archery Club, Indoor Archery range
Sunday 27 August 2017

Indoor at Bowtime is always a good time. Luther, who in the preceding week had a throat operation, made sure he was on the line – although he did tone down the volume (as per doctor’s orders). It was great seeing the archery family together once again.
As per our last event, which was an outdoor, we observed a remembrance end during practice for David Pastoll, for both sessions separately. We did this as some archers had not attended the outdoor. All archers went to the line, shot 2 arrows, nocked the third, did not shoot it, and remained on the line until the timer ran out. It was again a special experience.

This 2 session event went off smoothly. The range was ready, Karen took care of the registration and the archers are ever ready. Instructions went off smoothly and were mostly adhered to. No equipment issues of note, but one or two damaged nocks made it necessary to discard an arrow and use a back-up.

A word of special thanks need to go to the adults who assisted with scoring of the younger ones. Instead of just doing the scoring for them, they oversaw the procedure and so schooled them in how you go about completing your score sheet. Nice! (Now if we can get them to write more neatly, that would be perfect – and that goes for adults and youngsters.)

The range protocol of ringing the bell when 3 tens were shot, was kept to and it was great when everyone celebrated when that bell was rung. We love celebrating each other’s achievements. And that is how life should be. All in all a good day on the range.

A special mention needs to go out to Bowtime for having lots of goodies for sale to refresh the inner archer. As well as the medals it had on hand for this normally non medal event. Thank you to the spectators who came and lent their support.

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

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Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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