Western Cape Target Championships 2015

Western Cape Target Championships 2015
23rd and 24th May, Protea Sports Club

Sunny Cape Town, or so we hoped.  We had 3 groups of archers involved, one wanted to shoot whatever the weather threw at them, one that would only shoot if the weather was good and one that were elsewhere and could not compete. Two of our regulars left on day 1 of the Championships to represent RSA in Turkey.  We are very proud to have Karen and Terence stretching their archery muscles over the water.  But you guys did leave a gap on the line that did not go unnoticed.

20150524 WC Champs 003

In the WC we cannot pick and choose ideal weather, but yet again the weather prophets got it wrong and we had 2 stunning days to shoot in.  Granted day 1 was a little chilly and rained softly 4 times for and end, but otherwise it was good.  So I tip my hat to those archers that defied the predictions and took their place on the line.

The other surprise that day 1 held for us was the thick mist that was present for most of distance 1.  But that did not deter the faithful few that arrived.  Much of the conversation centered around how people were missing out on a good day and about team RSA leaving for Turkey.  For the most part, the event ran smoothly, except for the one or two arrows that diverted to the safety zone behind the butts.

Day 2 had a real buzz about it with one club in particular adding their own on-the-side competition.  It had been building the whole week via WhatsApp and the chirping did not stop when they got to their places on the line.  The mist was thicker on day 2 and lasted the whole first distance of this 720 round.  Suddenly at the half way break it all lifted and the sun reminded us of its presence.  As the 720 came to an end, the expectation for the eliminations rose.

The “equipment failures” for the day included a bee-sting, but fortunately Malcolm is not allergic and he got the sting out properly.  Again with the more experienced archers on the line, all went smoothly as the newbies were assisted with the conduct during the event on the field.

The elimination phase went smoothly with few one arrow shoot-offs.  As the matches progressed the rivalry increased and the commentary from behind the line grew.  (Think we have one or two rivals for Aurelle’s microphone at nationals.)  One or two surprises occurred, but fun was had by all.

Thank to all that assisted with the set-up and the packing away before, during and after the event.  In no particular order: Kim, Shawn, George, Chris, all need a special mention.  But a great thanks need to go to those that came and made the event a success by participating.  Also thanks to those who came and filled the spectator role and added to the atmosphere.

This good weekend bodes well for the rest of the year, for the province and archery in general.  This weekend makes all the effort worth the time spent.  There is no greater reward for officials than satisfied and happy competitors.

Awards List:
Western Cape Target Championships – Champions (Archers need to participate on both days)
Compound Master Men (CMM) Combined Totals: Score 10’s+X’s X’s
Gold: KOCK, Niekie 1935 67 24
Recurve Men (RM) Combined Totals: Score 10’s+X’s X’s
Gold: LAWRENCE, Shawn 1708 33 9
Silver: LOBO DAS NEVES, Chris 1567 25 6
Compound Women (CW) Combined Totals: Score 10’s+X’s X’s
Gold: PITTS, Kim 1875 65 27
Recurve Master Men (RMM) Combined Totals: Score 10’s+X’s X’s
Gold: TODD, Malcolm 1783 41 14
Recurve Junior Men (RJM) Combined Totals: Score 10’s+X’s X’s
Gold: KUNZ, Nathan 1446 12 4
Western Cape Target Championships – Elimination Winners
Compound Men (CM) Recurve Men (RM)
Gold: HURN, Craig Gold: LAWRENCE, Shawn
Silver: STEVENS, John Silver: LOBO DAS NEVES, Chris
Bronze: WIESE, Dirk
Compound Master Men (CMM) Compound Women (CW)
Gold: DE LANGE, Phillip Gold: PITTS, Kim
Silver: KRAMER, Gunther Silver: HURN, Jacky
Bronze: KOCK, Niekie

Till the next time we meet on the line, Golden Arrows to all.

Download a copy of this weekend’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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