June SANAA Indoor Qualifier

June SANAA Indoor Qualifier 2015
8th June, Protea Sports Club

Availability of an indoor range when the venue is not dedicated to archery can present challenges.  The obvious one was to not start to late but also to allow enough time for people to get to site when having to navigate traffic.  Only one car was really delayed and they phoned to make sure we knew they were in transit. The temperature outside was low but the spirit and shooting was inside was high.  We had a very nice turnout of 24 archers after one had to cancel due to tonsillitis.  Next time Scott.  Just look after yourself, more shooting opportunities are always around the corner.

June Indoor Shooting Line

As most competitors arrived at the same sort of time, practice was done on assigned target and detail.  Everyone got used to the rhythm needed which resulted in a pain-free event.  Those who arrived early made use of the time to ask their questions and so equip themselves for the evening’s festivities.

Considering the number of new to tournament line archers, the evening went off most smoothly indeed.  Quite a few line calls, a number of targets face changes, were the order of the day.  Score sheet ettiquette needs to be sharpened, but no train smashes to speak of.  As far as equipment failures go, one archer’s string stop arm broke off but he continued to shoot without any ill effect.

What I am looking forward to is the result of the video footage that Rei shot on the night.  Had a look at the raw clips and we should be in for a treat.  I suspect one of two archers might want some of that raw footage for training purposes. What was nice about the number of archers that attended, and the spectators, was it presented us with a unique opportunity to hand out some record certificates that had recently been achieved.  Also one or two archers had been MIA for awhile and they finally got their certificates.

The night went close to many’s bedtime, but a great time was had by all.  Thank to those who assisted in making the event possible and those who assisted in packing up, Kim, Shawn, George, Rei, and Chris.  Your efforts made the experience even more positive.  Thanks.

Till the next time we meet on the shooting line – Golden Arrows to all!

Download a copy of this Tournament’s results

Alfredo Lobo das Neves

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